Wrinkle Injection

Facial activity and gravity-related skin changes are aging process signs. Wrinkles can be reduced by injecting biologically produced substances similar to the body's material.

Depending on type, location, and depth, an appropriate bio-fermentative material is used to achieve an optimal reduction-result that can last up to twelve months.

Deep wrinkle treatment is especially successful. Most commonly treated are sadness-, upper lip-, forehead-, and frown lines.

Further, lip augmentation, cheek-building, and removal of dark circles underneath the eyes are popular. Neck and décolleté treatment is also available.

Hyaluronic acid injections are unsuitable for people with medical reasons prohibiting injections (for example taking blood thinners). Injection material (hyaluronic acid) used is produced bio-fermentatively and has pharmaceutical purity. Long-term observations show that use of this product is very safe. Allergic reactions are extremely unlikely.

Treatment results

Wrinkles are filled up and create a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Depending on lifestyle and tissue nature, the treatment lasts up to twelve months.

Treatment price and duration is based on depth and quantity of treatment zones identified during the free initial consultation.

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