Fighting Signs of the Aging process

Collagen and hyaluronic acid are located in the body’s subcutaneous tissue, where they form a support structure and prevent wrinkles. Skin creams with promised anti-wrinkle-effect do not penetrate deep enough to reach this tissue and reduce wrinkles permanently.

A healthy lifestyle, the right level of exercise, and proper nutrition is more important for healthy skin. If you are unhappy with wrinkles, another method treats wrinkles using the body's own substance - hyaluronic acid. It is injected into the subcutaneous tissue and stabilizes the skin’s support structure. The treatment is performed locally and leaves no scars. Depending on the material injected, you may stay wrinkle-free up to 12 months.

Hyaluronic acid used by Bianca Eastman in the office for naturopathy and psychology, Titisee-Neustadt, is bio-fermentative, biologically produced without any animal products.


Healthy nutrition also reduces the aging process. Low-fat, vitamin and anti-oxidant-rich nutrition helps prevent diseases such as diabetes and circulatory problems. Healthy fruit and vegetable intake provides nutrients and keeps the skin toned.

Vitamins A, C, and beta carotene contribute to younger-looking skin. Beta carotene provides a beautiful, healthy skin complexion and protects the cells. Beta carotene is a liposoluble vitamin which is absorbed by the body only by consuming fat, like healthy unsaturated oils commonly found in carrots, mangos, and apricots.

Minimizing sun exposure also reduces the aging process. Natural protection against the sun is believed to come from Vitamin A which makes the skin resistant to sunlight.

Vitamin C is very important for youthful looking skin. It supports the formation of collagen. Collagen is located in the subcutaneous tissue and supports the skin's structure with hyaluronic acid. A Vitamin-C rich diet or a Vitamin C infusion therapy can help prevent premature skin reduction. Almost all fruit and vegetables contain Vitamin C, especially citrus, strawberries, and bell pepper. In addition to the positive the effects on the skin, Vitamin C is also promotes healthy tendons and ligaments.

Hydration helps skin look younger. High fluid intake, especially water and unsweetened herbal tea moisturizes the skin from the inside and improves its tone.

Bianca Eastman looks forward to answering further questions regarding health, well-aging, weight-loss, other treatments, or house calls, by email, phone, or in the office for naturopathy and psychology, Titisee-Neustadt. House calls are quite valuable because exploring your habits in your environment allows you to learn what is best to reach your goals.

Sleep and relaxation

Adequate sleep also counteracts the ageing process. During sleep, the body regenerates and renews cells. Cell renewal slows down with inadequate sleep, affecting the mood as well as the skin.

Avoid cigarettes and alcohol – Exercise instead

Cigarettes and excessive alcohol use stimulate the aging process. In addition to nicotine’s well-documented adverse health effects, collagen is reduced making the skin slack and grey and wrinkle faster, one reason smokers often look older than non-smokers.

Exercise also benefits the skin. People who exercise lose excess weight and strengthen their cardiovascular system, which promotes blood circulation, builds up connective tissue, and creates mental strength. These are just a few of the many positive aspects of exercise. Sport keeps you fit and young! The altitude and climate of the black forest provide excellent conditions for health and sport.

Climatotherapy offers additional health-benefits – allergies can improve and osteoporosis or cancer risks are reduced.

Bianca Eastman looks forward to answering further questions regarding healthy lifestyle, climatotherapy, smoking cessassion, other treatments, or house calls, by email, phone, or in the office for naturopathy and psychology, Titisee-Neustadt.