When the body’s energy supply is higher than its energy consumption, the body becomes overweight. Generally, childhood eating habits and exercise play a major role in current weight management. Exercise, lifestyle, and diet are evaluated to treat your weight-problem.

Risks of obesity

Becoming overweight can lead to diseases such as heart and respiratory tract disease, type II diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Excessive weight leads to chronic pain of spine, hips, and knees, which causes additional movement restrictions and often leads to taking strong painkillers.

Weight reduction

To counteract obesity, sufficient exercise stimulates the metabolism and increases the body’s energy consumption. A balanced diet and change of eating habits leads to successful weight reduction. Bianca Eastman provides weight loss treatment by combining psychological and naturopathic therapies. The variety of techniques is important because everybody has other reasons that prevent weight-loss. Assessing and treating the psychological factors, combining detox therapies with acupuncture or hypnosis, and injecting naturopathic solutions helps weight-loss. This 4-step treatment reduces relapse, exchanges old habits and helps without sacrifice or strict diet.

Bianca Eastman looks forward to answering further questions regarding healthy, long-term weight-loss, other treatments, or house calls, by email, phone, or in the office for naturopathy and psychology, Titisee-Neustadt.