Phytotherapy is the study of the use of herbal medicine products (HMP) extracts as medicine or health-promoting agents. Phytotherapy treats or prevents diseases.

Phytotherapy is one of the world's oldest healing traditions. Modern medicine has always been based on knowledge of herbal extracts and their application possibilities.

Herbal medicine has become popular while commonly used synthetic drugs have side-effects and adverse interactions or reactions with other life-sustaining medications. Minor physical complaints can be cured with herbal products. For example, herbal oil inhalation is useful for a cold.

Active herbal ingredients of HMPs are applied externally and internally.

A well-known example is chamomile lotion for inflammation or slight wounds.

Herbal formula side effects are rare. The natural ingredients of remedies are usually very well tolerated. HMPs should be administered by a professional because high concentrations or quantities of HMPs may cause strong side effects and even poisoning.

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