There are many problems in regard to learning. The combination of psychological and naturopathic treatment helps support learning, for example by treating exam anxiety. Exam anxiety is a panic reaction before or during a test, manifested in different ways.

Short term high adrenalin and endorphin levels generally accompany exam preparation and occur during examination. This leads to increased efficiency but creates mental blocks and anxiety. Often, this anxiety remains. Long-lasting fear can lead to discouragement and depression. The digital age exposes students to a flood of information and enormous pressure results.

Causes of test anxiety

Test anxiety can occur from negative past experiences: presentations at school, participating in sporting competitions or even before and during a driving test.

Lack of stress management, insufficient learning and preparation strategies and high “results” expectations reinforce the past negative experiences. Difficult living conditions at the time of the test also play an important role.

Reducing test anxiety and other learning difficulties

In addition to being well-prepared, special relaxation techniques and good learning structures reduce test anxiety. It is also important to find out what works for a specific learning type. Efficient learning reduces stress and creates a positive learning experience. Special techniques developed during counselling sessions help retain learning material and create a structured process. Sometimes even small life cycle changes, like proper nutrition or an afternoon-break can improve the learning curve to the desired level.

To create a good learning structure, Bianca Eastman combines various techniques and methods to promote body and mind interaction. This may include hypnosis (which uses the resources of the unconscious mind to store knowledge and relax), kinesiology, and acupuncture (to keep the body’s energy in balance creating more energy), or a combination of methods to keep a clear head during the test!

In addition to exam anxiety, other problems like lack of concentration or ADHD may be improved by combining naturopathic and psychological treatments.

Bianca Eastman looks forward to answering further questions regarding learning difficulties, other treatments, or house calls, by email, phone, or in the office for naturopathy and psychology, Titisee-Neustadt.