Kinesiology (Greek: kinesis = movement and doctrine = logos) is a diagnostic and therapeutic form of alternative medicine.

Bianca Eastman combines kinesiologic treatment with other natural healing methods, such as homeopathy, Bach flower remedies, neural therapy, or acupressure. The kinesiologic muscle test is applied to find the remedy that best eases your complaints.

Circa 1960, American chiropractor George Goodheart discovered an observable irregular life energy flow using modified muscle tension. Inspired by the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) elements method, kinesiology treatment is holistic - it takes the interaction of body, mind and soul into account.

Diagnoses can be conducted with the "Kinesiologic muscle test", and require no instruments. Certain muscles reflect the flow of energy in the meridians (energy pathways), which are connected to the intestants. The muscle test provides information about physical and emotional irregularities.

Kinesiology is very suitable for allergy diagnosis and therapy. The muscle test essentially "asks" the patient's body which substances cause allergic reactions. Corresponding blocks are found and targeted exercises or remedies restore energy flow.

This technique also treats learning difficulties. Many sports-professionals use kinesiologic exercises and kinseiologic taping to improve concentration and physical awareness.

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