Bach Flower Therapy

During the 1930’s, English physician Dr. Edward Bach developed Bach Flower Remedies. The Bach flower remedies assume that any illness is the result of spiritual Vertigo. This manifests itself in modified behavior patterns such as lack of awareness or inappropriate guilt.

Dr. Bach theorized that feelings such as grief or anger lead to disease initiation or negatively affect the body’s natural healing process. He developed various mixtures (essences from flowers and plants) that have a harmonizing, balancing effect on emotions.

The Bach flower remedies are viewed as a psychological regulation therapy. They are designed to lead to the balancing of the disharmonious soul and the reactivation of self-healing powers. So, they work together with other naturopathic and psychological methods as an adjunct treatment for acute and chronic diseases which enhance the healing process.

Bach flower drops generally improve psychosomatic complaints, chronic illnesses, or psychological emergencies, for example during test phases or similar stress periods.

The Bach flower treatment is heavily diluted similar to homeopathic solutions. No side effects have been reported. The drops contain a high percentage of alcohol for preservation, so people with liver diseases should avoid Bach flower therapy.

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